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Резюме Тіна де Вріз (Tina de Vries)

12 Жовтня, 2010

Tina de Vries, advocate, mediator, senior research fellow with responsibility for Poland, Institute for East European Law, Munich (www.ostrecht.de)

Was born in 1966, studied law in Göttingen, Vienna, Mainz and Kiel.

1993 scientific assistant at the Walther-Schücking Institute for International Law at the University of Kiel.

1993-1995 research period as a scholar of Schleswig-Holstein in Poznan, 1998-2003 academic associate at the EUV Frankfurt / Oder.

Since 2003 the IOOC speaker on Polish law. Numerous lectures and publications on Polish law.
Country Presentation: Poland.


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